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Correct nutrient concerns 

What it does:

  • Signals plant growth and development.
  • Provides the fuel to support required growth.
  • Blends well with macronutrients to provide the essential micronutrients.

Why it helps:

  • Promotes early plant growth and development.
  • Corrects early season nutrient concerns.
  • Tank mix compatible with most in furrow and starter fertilizers.


X-Tra Power contains a micronutrient package that corrects nutrient concerns essential for early plant growth. The combination of nutrients and growth performance additives provides immediate and sustained plant growth.

X-Tra Power in the early growing stages of a plant will enhance seedling vigour and increase early root development. Increased energy transfer and improved sugar movement will make treated plants more resistance to seedling diseases and able to better withstand stress.

The tank mix flexibility of X-Tra Power allows for a variety of application timings; in furrow or tank mixed with foliar sprays.