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Increased sugar transport and seed/fruit fill 

What it does:

  • Strengthens the source to sink relationship.
  • Promotes reproductive transitioning.
  • Improves nutritional value of the harvested crop.

Why this helps:

  • Redirects sugar transport from the leaves into the reproductive organs.
  • Reduces excess foliage by focusing plant energy into creating uniform seed/fruit production.
  • Increases yield and quality.

Sugar Mover is designed to redirect the flow of sugars from the vegetative parts (leaves) to the reproductive parts (seed/fruit). Depending on the application time, this allows the roots, shoots or fruiting parts to become the stronger sink rather than the vegetative parts. Significantly improving pod, seed and vegetable filling, uniform fruit size and increased quality. It also converts nitrate nitrogen into a functional and usable amine form.

Tank mix flexibility allows for Sugar Mover to be incorporated into your existing spray program.