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Compatibility and Mixing MP Copper Sell Sheet

Compatible Crops

Barley Oats Oats Wheat

Copper functions in plant growth cannot be replaced by any other element. MP Copper is an enzyme activator and acts as a micronutrient, becoming a component of enzymes that function in respiration and photosynthesis as well as chlorophyll. It contributes to disease resistance and helps reduce seed abortion in cereal grains. Soils with high levels of organic matter, sandy soils prone to leaching, high pH soils, and high levels of phosphate, aluminum, zinc, iron and manganese can all cause a copper deficiencies. MP Copper can be applied alone or with liquid fertilizer for soil application. Band, sidedress or broadcast within two weeks after emergence, or when deficiency symptoms first appear.

For foliar application, apply with enough carrier to thoroughly cover all foliage. For best results, spray when the crop is in an active growing state, after irrigation or natural rainfall.