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Bio-Forge is effective for ethylene management to
maximize quality, yield and return on investment

What it does:

  • Up regulates genes responsible for ethylene management to manage plant stress.
  • Enhances root development and nodulation.
  • Increases root hairs resulting in improved nutrient uptake.

Why this helps:

  • Minimize environmental stressors (frost, drought, hail, pests).
  • Enhanced nutrient uptake and nitrogen fixation.
  • Improved yield for maximum ROI.

Bio-Forge is an antioxidant that contains Stoller’s patented molecule N,N’-diformylurea, this improves ethylene management  while increasing root growth, root hair formation and nodulation.

Product Science:

Under stressful conditions, excess ethylene is produced causing a plant to die prematurely. By suppressing excessive ethylene, the plant’s hormonal balance is restored resulting in optimal growth and development.

Bio-Forge has been proven to increase the function of the Dreb1A gene which increases drought tolerance, and the RLS4 gene which increases root hair development. Continuous root hair growth helps ensure proper nutrient uptake and improved plant efficiency.

Bio-Forge improves a plant’s natural hormonal balance by blocking the signal for excess ethylene production which occurs in response to drought stress, nutrient deficiencies, herbicide/pesticide injuries, and extreme temperatures.