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A unique combination of Bio-Forge and Golden Harvest.

Bio-Forge®  is a patented formulation of N,N’-diformyl urea, classified as an
antioxidant. Proven to significantly improve growth in a variety of agriculture crops by working on the plant’s genetic level.  By upregulating the plant’s major anti-oxidative pathways, genes responsible for ethylene management and root growth are improved.

Key genes with a measurable impact on plant activity, up-regulated by Bio-Forge® are:

• DREB1A, drought-tolerance

Bio-Forge®  suppresses excessive ethylene at the genetic level by up-regulating the
mastergene DREB1A.  By inducing the
regulatory master gene Dreb1A, a cascade effect upregulates other genes involved in drought resistance and other environmental stresses.

• Dehydrin RAB18, Low temperatures & moisture stress

Early planted crops are typically stressed due to cooler temperatures and above
average moisture.  Upregulating the RAB18 gene allows young plants to better handle these stresses.

• RD29A, cold temperature tolerance

Much  like the RAB18 gene, upregulating the RD29A gene also improves the plant’s ability to better withstand cool temperatures.

• RLS4, root  development and nutrient uptake

Plant  health depends on a strong and healthy root system to supply necessary nutrients for proper growth. The RLS4 gene improves the root’s ability to take in critical nutrients and increases new root growth.

Bio-Forge Gold® contains a great quantity of non-mobile nutrients along with N-P-K.  Other foliar fertilizers usually contain high levels of N-P-K but very low levels of secondary and micronutrients.  It is these other nutrients that are usually deficient in many crops.  Bio-Forge Gold® is the key to maintaining the balance that is crucial to any crop nutrient plan.

Bio-Forge Gold® is a patented formulation that provides key macro and micronutrients to developing plants.  The synergistic effect of Stoller’s patented hormone regulating technology combined with the highest quality of keylated nutrients ensures all nutrient needs are met.  Total plant nutrition and hormone regulation allow plants to reach their full genetic potential.

Bio-Forge Gold® can be used on all vegetable and broad acre crops at a rate of 0.5-2L per acre depending on deficiencies or stress present.  Compatible with most herbicides and fungicides, best results are seen when applied early and often in the vegetative growing stage.