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Prepare perennials for overwintering. 

What it does:

  • Redirects plant’s energy underground into the root systems.
  • Increases winter survivability in perennial crops.
  • Effective at controlling excessive vegetative growth.

Why this helps:

  • Prepares crops for harvest and overwintering.
  • Helps crops overwinter resulting in invigorating spring growth.
  • Balances the plant to promoted efficiency.

Balancer is an effective soluble boron with the added benefit of molybdenum. Boron will redirect the flow of sugars produced in the vegetative parts of the plant (the leaves) to the roots, flowers and fruiting parts of the plant. Molybdenum is key in converting nitrate nitrogen into a functional amine form.

Balancer should be sprayed right before its shift from the vegetative stage to the reproductive stage. It aids in moving the carbohydrates out of the leaves into the storage sinks of the plant. This reduces excessive vegetative growth and increases winter survivability in perennial plants such as alfalfa. The following are results from applying Balancer: invigorated spring growth, increased disease resistance and healthier plants.