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Improved seedling emergence and early season vigor 

What it does:

  • Highly soluble form of Calcium that protects the seed in saline/sodic soils.
  • Proprietary technology that supercharges plant growth and development.
  • Increases nutrient utilization.

Why this helps:

  • Buffer stress from saline soils.
  • Uniform emergence of seedlings and improved plant establishment.
  • Get more out of your investment.

Action 5% strengthens cell structure which improves seedling emergence and early season vigor which leads to enhanced grain and food quality.

Calcium competes with sodium for active sites within the soil to eliminate salinity, improve soil structure and increase root growth and development.  Calcium application levels increases a plant’s uptake of Nitrogen.

Once applied, Action 5% moves up the plant and forces Auxin downward into the roots to promote cell division resulting in vigorous root growth. Stimulating cell division while increasing both nutrient uptake and utilization will result in optimum growth and yield enhancement.

Action 5% is tank mixable with most products however since it contains Calcium, do not mix with products containing phosphorus or sulphur.

Always conduct a jar test to confirm compatibility with new or untested products.