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Germination And Establishment

seed Seed Treatment
Bio Forge at 4 oz./100 lbs. Bio-Forge promotes early root development and accelerates emergence . Plus, it ensures continuous new root growth for efficient nutrient uptake, especially nitrogen. Overall, Bio-Forge improves plant growth hormone balance for continued cellular viability and optimal plant functioning throughout the life of the plant.


Vegetative Growth

earlygrowth Early Growth – Herbicide (3-5 leaf)
Bio-Forge at 0.25 L/Acre Bio-Forge works by up-regulating genes from the plant’s own major anti-oxidative pathways as well as genes responsible for ethylene production and root growth.


Flowering And Reproduction

continuedgrowth Continued Growth – Flax: Pre-Bolt flag leaf stage
Xtra Power at 1 L/Acre X-Tra Power provides hormonal balance that promotes early root development and plant vigor during the first 2-3 weeks after planting. It up-regulates key genes associated with phosphate for improved uptake and utilization. It corrects micronutrient needs essential for early plant growth.


Fruit Sizing And Maturity

maturity Head Emergence – Fungicide
Sugar Mover at 1 L/Acre Sugar Mover increases the ability of the plant to obtain a larger seed head, less seed abortion, and larger seed size. It moves sugars from the plant leaves and plant stem directly to the seeds during cell division, cell differentiation, and cell enlargement.